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About Avira.
Avira is a company with a clear vision. They are Freemium business model of the original pioneers of the software, as a way of market-leading security products provide high quality for everyone. Why? Because they believe that everyone has the right, safe, secure, private, and enjoy life safely.
For over 30 years, they have used this model to provide award-winning technology to more than 100 million customers. Avira Security provides real-time protection, memory usage is very low. Because of its low system footprint and integrated performance optimization feature that allows your equipment to maintain steady and rapid.

Avila was founded in 2006, but the anti-virus application since 1986 has been in active development, through its predecessor company H + Bedv Datentechnik GmbH. As of 2012, Avira software is estimated that more than 100 million customers. June 2012, Avira ranked sixth in the share report Opswat antivirus market. Avira’s headquarters in Tettnang near Lake Constance in Germany. The company has additional offices in the United States. United States, China, Romania and the Netherlands. The company supports the Auerbach Stiftung, the foundation created by the founder Tjark Auerbach. It promotes charitable and social projects, art, culture and science. Avira regularly “clean up” your virus definition files, replacing a specific signature common to a general increase in performance and scan speed. 15 MB database clean-up in 2008 October 27 to perform, due to their large size and slow Avira server, causing problems for the free version of the user. Avira responds by reducing the size of a single update files, provide less every update data. Today, there are 32 smaller definition files that are updated regularly to avoid soaring while downloading updates.
Avira Products include heuristics that can proactively uncover unknown malware, before the harmful elements and anti-virus protection updated shipment before creating a special virus signature to combat. Heuristic virus detection involving the affected code is an extensive analysis and investigation of the affected malware functions. If the scan code with these characteristics, is reported to be suspicious, but not necessarily malicious software; the user decide whether to take or ignore the warning.
In a way, the biggest selling point is that independent laboratory tests Avira impressive performance (and score). The world’s leading testers such as AV-Test and Av- comparison, always include this anti-virus on their list. The team has improved the original recipe 30 years, and today it is one of the best security products.
However, solid background and a large fan base does not always mean that it is a service. In this review, we will introduce your pricing plan, talk about the free version, ease of use and other features.
Many leaf through a series of information security products slide installation process, expands the virtues of the product itself or complementary advertising products. Avira take a step further. Each information page describes one accessory products, and provide installation of the product. At this point, even if you have not installed other products, Avira Connect Launcher also allows you to install or run any complementary products. I will report the complementary product sets in after the main feature covers anti-virus.
Scan Options
By clicking the “Scan” menu item, you will get a complete, fast and self-defined scan options expected. My full scan standard clean test system took 90 minutes instead of the current twice in 49 minutes, but this time than the last attempt to better products. Sophos Home Free Ran a little faster than average, Kaspersky free to complete the review within 36 minutes. Scan window to retain the old look and the title “Luke FileWalker” window to make it look very statement.
With most products, since the file you choose to define the scan only needs to scan the folder. Avira provides a dizzying array of options, including scanning active processes, removable drives and document folders. Of course, you can still select the file you want to scan any folder.
By default, Avira plans to quickly scan a week. You can scan or other types of weekly schedule every day.
Very good lab results
In most cases, antivirus companies must pay independent laboratories include them in the test. Some laboratories actively help them achieve certification: If the product fails, the supplier for a list of things to fix. ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs to provide such certification, but Avira not to participate. More interesting to me is through the same assessment, and report test a group of products they make. I follow one of four laboratories, Avira join with all in all laboratories.
When comparing AV- experts should determine the product does when they prove it in the standard level. Beyond minimum certification of products can be advanced, even senior +. Avira attended my four tests in the lab. He proposed senior + in two, the other two advanced.
Laboratory test results table
In order to cover all aspects of anti-virus function, AV-Test Institute Rates products based on their protection against malicious software, they interfere with the performance of a few, and how they will effectively avoid programs or Web sites flagged as malicious software, each area has 6 possible points. Avira get 18 perfect scores, as well as Kaspersky and McAfee in this test.
SE Labs technical staff to search the Web site malware in the real world, and use the capture and replay systems to access multiple antivirus utilities, have exactly the same attack. Products can be certified in five levels: AAA, AA, A, B or C. with Antivirus Plus, Sophos and others others Bitdefender together, Avira received the highest score, AAA certification.
MRG-EffItas test scores and the rest a little different. If the product fails to achieve near-perfect protection, they will fail. Failure is only in banking Trojans Avira test the laboratory, and more than half of the other products tested. The other major laboratory tests to assess the type of protection against malicious software spectrum, providing a first-class certification, as well as Layer 2 certification for those corrected within 24 hours to completely prevent attack attack attack all products. . And Bitdefender, F-Secure and Kaspersky Free, Avira achieved Level 1 certification.
I use an algorithm to map all points on 10-point scale and obtain aggregation results. Test by four laboratories, Avira team with 10 possible score of 9.4 points, which is quite good. Avast free antivirus mushroom also scored 9.4 points. At the top, Bitdefender overall score is 9.9, Kaspersky perfect score in all the latest tests, leading to a perfect 10 points.
Practical Malware Protection Test
Those impressive lab test score means that Avira can resist malware attacks. Even so, I still run my practical malware protection tests to understand the product works.
The last time I tested Avira, there is a huge fuss in my first test, which involves only opens a my hand analysis of malware samples folder. Warning the detection of one or three or 15 samples, which messed up table, with another title labeled “Luke FileWalker” small floating window “Scanning System.” I do not even want to re-start, even though I see only a static sample, and no malicious software is running.
The process smoother. Several small floating window appears, but they soon ended and disappeared. You do not require a restart. He removed the 83% of the sample at this stage, just by looking at them.
As another proof of this simple access scan, I use a second set of samples, created by modifying each original. Specifically, I rename the file, add a zero to change the length of the file, and modify some bytes unenforceable. Avira detected it all, in addition to the same set of samples from the hand of a modified, indicating that signature-based malware detection is not too rigid.
To complete the test, I release samples of each surviving the Holocaust. Avira detects some, but not all. Detected threats still managed to grow some executable files on the test system. In general, it can reach 89% detection and 10% of the possible score. These samples were tested with the same gas, F-Secure antiviral (F-Secure $ 39.99 / years), to obtain 93% of the McAfee protection and 9.3.
It is worth noting that Norton and Webroot SecureAnywhere when I tested previously collected malware samples, the virus detected in 100% perfect detection and about 10 points. Scores no direct comparison, but perfection is impressive.
As a sanity check for false positive detections, and I will PCMAG of about 20 old utility retained as malware samples in the same folder. In almost all cases, these anti-virus programs are left alone. However, Avira identified them as ree malware. This is a bit disturbing.
Avira Phantom VPN is a complete virtual private network server provided in 20 countries around the world / region. Although it includes China and Singapore, but the list of countries weighted towards North America and Europe. It is very easy to use; simply select the country / region you want, then click the “big green” button to secure my connection. This is the phantom VPN free installation, which means it lacks some advanced features, does not provide technical support, and it is limited to 500MB of bandwidth per month.
Exploitation attacks exploit unpatched security vulnerabilities procedures. Avira Software Updater scans your system and lists any software with the lack of security patches. Click to download all updates all updated; you can also download the update, or delete products individually from monitoring. Update to Avira Software Updater Pro allows you to automatically install updates.
You can use Avira Home Guard scans, allowing you to see the connection to each computer, smart phones and Internet devices in your network. It also aims to report network security issues, but the report is not as Bitdefender family scanners as clear and accurate.
Have you properly configure the system to protect your privacy? Avira Privacy PAL checking more than 200 privacy settings and fix the leak. It also removed the annoying traces of using a computer and browser. Other tools available include free password manager and secure shopping browser extension that helps you find bargain.

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