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About Backpacker Deals

Backpacker Deals is committed to helping you book unforgettable travel experiences at affordable prices. With so many options, how to choose the right diving hike to observe the turtles of the Great Barrier Reef? What is the best way to see the orange sunrise in Uluru? They will carefully select the best travel experience and give you confidence. Booking. Once working with a travel company, Backpacker Deals will provide tools that will give you the confidence to book the right trip-especially when making a decision at the last minute. When you book through them, you can expect excellent customer service, real-time availability and instant confirmation. You can chat with them in real time on the website, if you need more travel information, you can call them! Order products at and save more money through special offers on Backpacker Deals Coupons and Promo Codes pages. offers you up to $5 discount on Check it out now and enjoy the surprise offer.

Backpacker Deals is committed to helping you book unforgettable travel experiences at affordable prices.

With so many options, how do you choose the right scuba diving excursion to spot turtles on the Great Barrier Reef? What is the best way to go to the Red Center and watch the orange sunrise in Uluru? Backpacker Deals carefully selects the best travel experience to display in Backpacker Deals so that you can book with confidence.

Backpacker Deals is dedicated to finding extraordinary trips from all over the world. Backpacker Deals does this by building relationships with local travel agencies that share the values ​​of Backpacker Deals. Backpacker Deals understands every trip and ensures that all Backpacker Deals partners are passionate about providing unique experiences while being aware of their environmental impact.

Once Backpacker Deals has partnered with a travel company, Backpacker Deals will provide you with the tools to book the right trip with confidence—especially when a decision is made at the last minute. When you book through Backpacker Deals, you can get excellent customer service, real-time availability and instant confirmation. If you need more information about travel, you can chat with Backpacker Deals in real time on the website or give Backpacker Deals a call!

Who will you talk to? Backpacker Deals is a team of travelers from different parts of the world. Backpacker Deals is keen to provide professional travel knowledge so that you can explore the world and have an unforgettable adventure.

The vision of Backpacker Deals is to bring more incredible experiences from all continents directly to you-less search, more travel.

The country I plan to visit is not listed on your website?
do not worry! Backpacker Deals is growing rapidly. If you want to help Backpacker Deals launch Backpacker Deals in your own country, please feel free to contact Backpacker Deals.

Do I need travel insurance?
Backpacker Deals strongly recommends that every customer purchase travel insurance. It is your responsibility to purchase travel insurance to ensure that Backpacker Deals or the supplier of Backpacker Deals assumes any responsibility. And the possible travel-related accidents you wish to insure.

Backpacker Deals does not provide any advice on the required vaccinations. Please contact your doctor or travel clinic for vaccination advice. Please make sure you get vaccinated or booster in time before you travel. Some vaccinations take longer and/or multiple injections to settle down. Please inform your medical professional of the detailed itinerary so that he/she can provide you with all the necessary vaccines.

Do I need a visa?
Backpacker Deals does not provide any advice on required visas. Please contact the relevant embassy to find out what visa is required for your nationality.

How can I contact my travel agency?
After you book online, Backpacker Deals will provide you with the travel agency details and contact number. If you have any questions about your travel, please feel free to contact your travel agency.

How do I submit feedback on my experience?
Your feedback helps Backpacker Deals to ensure that Backpacker Deals maintains a high standard in Backpacker Deals, so Backpacker Deals would love to hear from you! You are very welcome to contact Backpacker Deals at or through the contact page on the Backpacker Deals website.

Backpacker Deals uses third-party reviews through Yotpo, so all reviews you read about Backpacker Deals are 100% verified by real people who have participated in travel or activities. You can check Backpacker Deals reviews here.

Do I need to use my Backpacker Deals coupon immediately?
will not. Your voucher will have a specified validity period. You can use your voucher before the expiry date. For vouchers that need to be booked, you can also choose the time and date that suits you through the calendar booking tool of Backpacker Deals.

Do I need a passport to make a reservation?
Some Backpacker Deals reservations require passport details. If Backpacker Deals requires your passport details, Backpacker Deals will request it in the Backpacker Deals booking form.

I am not sure when I will travel. Can I purchase undated vouchers?
Yes, that’s right! Backpacker Deals understands that you are not always able to plan ahead. When you purchase an undated voucher, it has an expiration date indicating when you need to redeem it. After the voucher expires, you will not be able to redeem or extend the validity period, and no refund will be provided.
When you purchase an undated voucher, you are responsible for booking directly with the merchant.

Can I purchase vouchers as gifts for others?
Yes, of course! Happiness is the only thing added when sharing, so share the wonderful experience with everyone! You can get vouchers for all your friends. You just need to make sure they comply with the individual terms and conditions of the coupon.

Can I combine the voucher with other discounts or specials?
Unless specified in specific coupon terms and conditions.
If I do not use the full value of the voucher in one visit, can I use the remaining part later?
Can not. Unless the specific voucher you purchased indicates that this is possible. Otherwise, if the value is too high, you will not receive credit or cash back.

What if my voucher expires?
Unfortunately, once the coupon reaches its expiration date, it is no longer valid. So please keep track of your calendar! Of course, Backpacker Deals always welcomes you to purchase the voucher again.

Is Backpacker Deals’ payment system secure?
Backpacker Deals’ payment system is very secure. Backpacker Deals only uses a 100% secure payment system. Your credit card number is transmitted directly to a secure electronic vault via SSL.

What payment systems can Backpacker Deals use?
Backpacker Deals is always trying to find ways to make payment as simple as possible. Currently, Backpacker Deals accepts the following payments:
Australian Dollar-MasterCard / Visa / American Express / Apple Pay /PayPal
New Zealand Dollar-MasterCard / Visa / American Express / Apple Pay / PayPal
USD-MasterCard / Visa / PayPal
Thai Baht-MasterCard / Visa / PayPal

Can I cancel or change my reservation?
All reservations must be cancelled through Backpacker Deals. However, please be sure to check the individual cancellation policy for the tour you booked. After contacting your travel agency, please contact Backpacker Deals by phone or email, and include your order ID and cancellation reason. Unfortunately, Backpacker Deals cannot provide refunds for any expired or unused vouchers.

How long will it take for my refund to be processed?
After receiving your refund request, Backpacker Deals will contact the merchant as soon as possible to confirm your refund amount according to the specific situation and the merchant’s personal refund policy. Please allow Backpacker Deals to confirm your refund within a maximum of 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

Once Backpacker Deals receives the merchant’s refund confirmation, Backpacker Deals will process it immediately. Depending on the bank processing time, the refund will appear on your statement within 3 to 4 business days after Backpacker Deals is processed.

I am not from Australia. How can I contact Backpacker Deals?
The easiest way to contact Backpacker Deals is through the Backpacker Deals contact form or email to
For more urgent matters, you can call the general phone number of Backpacker Deals:
1300 326 168 (Australia)
0800 461 286 (New Zealand)
(240) 786-1143 (United States)
Or call +61 7 4229 9682 in all other countries.
I have a business. How do I work with Backpacker Deals?
Backpacker Deals is always looking for new partners and suppliers. Please check the Backpacker Deals merchant portal for more information or contact Backpacker Deals to discuss potential partnerships.

If you think your question has not been answered here, please contact Backpacker Deals via email, Backpacker Deals will try to respond to your question within 12 to 24 hours.

For urgent questions, please feel free to contact Backpacker Deals by phone: +61 7 4229 9682.