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About calendar club

In 1994, Paul Breen sat in the cubicle of a large Australian company, both frustrated and dissatisfied. The threat of layoffs hangs over his head, he needs to pay the bills, and he needs an escape plan. But what to do?
A few years ago, while backpacking around the Greek Islands, he met an American named Tex. Tex loves calendars (yes, I know…) and works for a new company called Calendar Club in the United States.
Paul, who has always been an opportunist, and recklessly left the company to live, he made a plan to bring the club to the land of Oz and the long white clouds. In 1995, while working part-time in his daily work and running his “empire” in the lounge of his one-bedroom apartment, he opened 3 kiosks in Melbourne.
The first calendar ever sold was for a toothless wrestling fan. Thank you Mary for supporting us when we need it most. Like any startup, there are ups and downs in the early days, but the company continues to grow and expand its influence. In the blink of an eye, calendar club opened 140 stores and sold more than one million calendars each year. Don’t you know…! The big man called and the company was sold to Angus & Robertson and Borders in 2002. Paul “retired”, got married and had a family. But the story does not end there… In 2011, Angus & Robertson and Borders went bankrupt. Ugly business really. But fortunately, Paul once again controlled the calendar club, since the calendar kiosk continued to be launched every year. Fast forward to the present, from the humble beginning of 3 stores in 1995 to the more than 4,000 stores opened since then, it’s a journey! Trading in Australia and New Zealand for 25 years and growing! Gosh, people must love calendars…

Global calendar sales partners
Calendar Club is not only an online calendar retailer that can ship to various countries/regions around the world, but also a high-street calendar retailer that connects with different stores.
If you are looking for a calendar to buy as a gift, then you probably know what the recipient likes. You can check the calendar club website and shop by calendar theme. There are many themes to choose from, including themes for animal lovers, sports lovers, and movie lovers.
Get the calendar you are looking for
It is not only the theme of the calendar that matters; it is also the size and design. In the calendar club, you can choose from a range of calendar styles, including:
 Desk
 Ultra-thin
 Wall
 Pocket
As you can see, Calendar Club caters to those who want to use the calendar in the workplace and those who want to use the calendar at home.
Get great gift ideas
If you are not sure what type of theme or calendar you want, but know that you want to buy one as a gift, you can check the gift ideas section on the website. You can view gift suggestions for moms, dads, children, and teenagers. Choosing the right gift for someone is not always easy, so seeking inspiration is a good idea.
Hot Offers
Enjoy the benefits of free shipping: If you live in Australia, you can save money on shopping at Calendar Club. If you spend more than $35, you will get free shipping included in the purchase.
Subscribe to all the best offers: One way to ensure you get the best offers from Calendar Club is to subscribe to receive the newsletter. You can access all the latest information and transactions of the company. Similarly, register on the Staples website and get discounts on office and school supplies products.
How to redeem a coupon code
Calendar Club has provided great discounts for the calendar you purchased, but you can save even more by using the coupon code when purchasing. If you have a coupon code to use in Calendar Club, all you have to do is select the product you want to buy and then enter the code during the checkout process.
Delivery and returns
The company provides clear details of its delivery and return process on its website. The delivery calendar takes two days, and the courier takes 1-5 days to deliver the product to you. Every item sent by the company has a tracking number, you just need to send an email to the customer service department to check the delivery progress. You need to be ready to accept the goods you buy; you can reschedule the time with the courier to achieve this.
If you want to know the shipping cost; it depends on the size, weight and shipping location of the purchase. At checkout, the shipping cost of the product will be added to the purchase price.
You should always remember to choose your purchase carefully at Calendar Club. This is because the company is happy to deal with any issues related to the damaged goods received, but is not happy to change the calendar when the customer changes his mind. If you receive a calendar, you need to send photos of the damage to the customer service team to get instructions on what action to take.