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Cameras Direct Australia – Since 2001
On July 18, 2015, in a quiet moment, I would like to know who and what is Cameras Direct. I went to the keyboard, this is overflow.

Who and what is Cameras Direct?
Cameras Direct is a modest and proud person who loves their photography. Cameras Direct is once a beginner and enjoy exciting photos because Cameras Direct has obtained more photography skills through Cameras Direct’s Life Middle School. Cameras Direct now, as a retailer of a digital camera, camera lens and 100 accessories, Cameras Direct can now enjoy helping others in the journey.
When Cameras Direct sees in the eyes of the customer, Cameras Direct really really excitedly expects to be happy and happiness of his photography. May sound a bit old school, but hey, that is who Cameras Direct.
It is not about promoting the excitement of Cameras Direct. It is about how happy it knows how photographers get the results they start. You don’t want new cameras or new camera lenses. You don’t want to spend money. You want the result. I am right? Cameras Direct will never “whip” you. Cameras Direct will ask your questions carefully to find out who you are and the goals you want to implement. Then, only Cameras Direct can suggest the best camera or lens or accessories, which will help you take better photos. Since 2001, this is like this when a person decides to form a camera directly to help others enjoy the same type of excitement herself. Sales camera is just a simple part of the process Pty Ltd is an Australian company that grows from a better price. Smart consumer / photographers have always realized that overseas retailers on Nikon, Sony and Canon are providing competitive pricing. However, they also realized that sometimes they purchased overseas means that there is no local warranty, unreliable delivery, no local support.

Cameras Direct unprecedented methods to help Australians only have a better photo to help Cameras Direct provide an unbacked service level, customer support and creativity.
The new website launched in Cameras Direct in September 2011 marks the re-commitment of Cameras Direct to provide the best online retail experience for Australian shoppers. Supported by Cameras Direct’s internal photographers and technical partners, such as Magento and Google, Cameras Direct believe that Cameras Direct can continue to provide high quality camera equipment with the Australian market.
Importantly, Cameras Direct understands that a website is the extension of Cameras Direct physical business and Cameras Direct’s business philosophy, so Cameras Direct made in the office and warehouse, which makes you have the biggest experience to your experience when dealing with the camera. Influence. From returns to ensure that Cameras Direct owners will remind Cameras Direct to remind Cameras Direct.
Cameras Direct hopes to deal with Cameras Direct, and Cameras Direct provides you with a complete experience, will only let you choose a choice, tell others.
I have started the email with last year and “I am very interesting in 2013, just like Nielsen Mandera’s life is satisfactory.” 2014 is not a lot of time during the challenge.

Contact Cameras Direct
If you have a warranty claim, please contact the Warranty Department of Cameras Direct 07-56652000.
If Cameras Direct is not available on your phone, send an email to Cameras Direct. Cameras Direct will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.
Cameras Direct’s customers can get honesty and real recommendations for ensuring and products. Cameras Direct is a photographer, since 2001 has been commercial. During this time, Cameras Direct handled thousands of warranty claims in Australia. View Cameras Direct’s Recommendations or contact Cameras Direct Get more information.

Cameras Direct Product Return Policy did not change the soul policy. However, in some cases, as long as the following conditions are met, the management may consider the return:
 You return the item within 14 days after purchase;
 You produce raw camera hair tickets / purchase proof when returning items,
 The project is in a renewable state, including:
 In its original packaging, including the instruction manual and all accessories;
 It is unbearable, unopened, unused original conditions;
 All accessories are not open and not used.
 Which product is not a render of thinking (see below).
The decision to be returned will be performed by the CameraSdirect management. The replenishment fee will be applied in accordance with Cameras Direct.

Will be unable to accept goods returned
In any case, CameraSdire cannot accept the return from the following categories:
POT trading and customs clearance items
printer ink cartridge
 Product
 Value of more than $ 1,500.00 (including GST)
studio lamp
 Products provided on the “Special Request” terms.
If they have failed, they can still return these products, not suitable for their purpose or do not match the sample or description of the consumer law.

Other rewards
Camerasdirect will receive product return and provide you with exchange, refund or repair:
 Products have defects or are not available for sale, or
 Products are not suitable for their expected purposes, or
 Products do not match the description of the sample or Cameras Direct; and
And you can present your camera index invoice or other sufficient purchase certificate.
Note that in the case of electrical and electronic products (see the definition below) CAMERASDirect can choose to return the product to an authorized maintenance agent to determine the nature of the problem. If the product is determined to have a fault, not the quality of the sale, it is not suitable for the purpose or mismatch description, and CameraSdirect will provide repair, exchange, or refund.
If you can’t present your CamerasDirect invoice or other acceptable purchase prove, the right to reserve no refund or exchange for CameraSdirect.
You can refund there for any items purchased as part of the “Trading”, “Suite” or “Pack”, and CamerasDirect can refund the price according to the transaction qualification. If your return result is no longer met in the transaction qualification, free item will not refund, and any refund amount can no longer match any refund amount.
Please note that the CamerasDirect brand products have a 6-month warranty unless the price is less than $ 10, it will become a 3 month warranty. All other products have a warranty period specified on the product page.