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About eastwind textiles
eastwind textiles provides its customers with affordable luxury goods and has been doing so for the past ten years or so. The company’s product range is very broad, anyone can choose, regardless of budget. The company is known for overcoming competitors that sold the same products at higher prices in the past, and by reducing the profit of each product, eastwind textiles successfully increased overall sales. In addition, the products are of the highest quality, and you won’t find them any different from those found in luxury stores in nearby markets. The company accepts online payments, which is a very secure system implemented by eastwind textiles, so you need to be completely stress-free. All in all, if you are after high-quality bed sheets or other things, please visit this website now.

How do you know that your products are 100% bamboo?
- All eastwind textiles products have been tested by CSIRO to confirm that they are actually made of 100% bamboo.

Are your products certified organic?
- Yes, most of eastwind textiles products are 100% organic bamboo certified. Those that are not 100% organic bamboo are clearly identified. eastwind textiles also asked CSIRO to test eastwind textiles’ bed sheets and towels to confirm that they are made of 100% bamboo.

Are there any chemicals used in the production of your products?
- Yes, eastwind textiles products are manufactured and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. However, eastwind textiles tries to use manufacturers who have obtained and maintain the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate, which means that the use of chemicals in the production of eastwind textiles products is lower than the internationally recognized standards.

Whether your towel has loose threads/obstacles. What can be done if eastwind textiles does this?
- Yes, this is natural for bamboo towels. Any obstacles or loose threads can be simply cut off with scissors. Since the towel is woven rather than knitted, it will not fall apart.

What is the difference between twill and satin sheets?
- The difference lies in the organizational structure used. The weave of the twill bed sheet is tight, short and fine. This makes them much stronger than satin sheets. Use satin cloth to weave longer and make them softer to the touch.

Will your sheets pilling?
- As long as you follow eastwind textiles’ care instructions, eastwind textiles’ twill linen suits will not have pilling. In some cases, pilling may occur during the first few washes of eastwind textiles satin sheets.

Will your product shrink? If so, how many?
- Expect a small amount of shrinkage during the first wash, especially for eastwind textiles bed linen sets. Eastwind textiles allows this shrinkage during the manufacturing process.

How do I take care of bamboo products? Washing instructions?
- Please refer to the care instructions of eastwind textiles. In addition, eastwind textiles recommends that the blankets of eastwind textiles be machine-washed gently and then dried to ensure that they maintain a wonderful silky soft touch. Many customers of eastwind textiles prefer dry cleaning. For this reason, eastwind textiles recommends using GreenEarth Cleaning dry cleaners to ensure that no toxic chemicals are used.
What if I buy something from you and change my mind?
- eastwind textiles understands that sometimes the products you buy online are not suitable for any reason. For more information on “change of mind” returns, please refer to eastwind textiles’ return policy.

Do you guarantee the craftsmanship and quality of the products?
- Yes, please refer to eastwind textiles’ return policy for more information.

Do you charge shipping?
- For retail customers only, eastwind textiles provides free shipping for all orders over 150 USD. For orders less than US$150, and all registered wholesale customers, shipping costs will be charged based on the weight of the products shipped.

I heard that bamboo textiles are good for people with sensitive skin. This is real?
- Yes, bamboo textiles are very soft, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Experiments conducted by eastwind textiles on patients with eczema show that when bamboo sheets and towels replace traditional cotton products, the situation is significantly improved.

Do you provide your products to other related distributors in a wholesale manner?
- Yes. If you are a distributor interested in eastwind textiles products, please click here to register for wholesale access.