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About F-Secure

F-Secure is a software company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company was originally founded by Petri Allas and Risto Siilasmaa as Data Fellows in 1988. F-Secure develops and sells antivirus, endpoint security, password management and other network security tools for individual customers and enterprises. The software developed by F-Secure is used by global Internet security operators. The company’s most popular products include radar hosting service vulnerability scanning and rapid detection services. F-Secure has more than 1,000 employees.

F-Secure savings tips

Go to the For Home section of f-secure.com and hover your mouse over the Free Tools section to see all the software tools that F-Secure provides for free.

Report potential vulnerabilities to F-Secure to get rewards. If F-Secure does not discover the vulnerabilities you previously reported, you may be eligible for payment under the Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP).

By registering for the F-Secure Beta program, you can get six months of free F-Secure service. As a Beta tester, usage information will be sent to F-Secure to help your development team find the perfect final product.

If you represent a large retailer, become an F-Secure partner and start offering F-Secure products to your customers.

If you are a network security operator, you can use professional security tools provided to F-Secure partners to increase your profits. For more information, please contact F-Secure Customer Service.
For the latest F-Secure news, please visit the F-Secure blog. This blog is divided into three sections: Safe and Savvy, Business Security Insider, and F-Secure Labs.

F-Secure Service Policy
Most F-Secure software is purchased annually, but some applications are provided on a monthly basis. Prices vary with related services. Although some software can only be used on one device, other applications can be used on multiple devices. By default, the F-Secure program will be downloaded directly to your computer, but you can also request that the software be sent to you via disk.

F-Secure cancellation policy
To cancel your subscription to F-Secure, please log in to your account on f-secure.com and navigate to your account settings. Click the link to unsubscribe and follow the instructions on the screen. If you have purchased an annual plan, you will be able to use your F-Secure software for the remainder of the contract window. However, your subscription will not be renewed after 12 months.

How to activate F-Secure coupon code
Select the F-Secure software you want to purchase, and then continue to use your shopping cart. Click the button titled “Enter Coupon Code” and type your code in the box that appears. Click “Apply” to use your discount code.

How to contact F-Secure customer service
If you need help from F-Secure, you can call (866) 476-0216 or start a live chat.