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Residential Broadband Plans Starts from $72 at HD NET Limited. Never miss a HD NET Limited promos. Less

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About HD Net

HD NET Limited understands that customers need services they can trust. To achieve this goal, HD NET Limited has taken extensive measures to ensure that all products and services not only meet the needs of customers, but also have redundancy and scalability to continuously surpass them. High-quality dedicated bandwidth means that unlike most other ISPs, they will not over-sell bandwidth to reduce costs. This method will inevitably slow down the network speed and cause a lot of downtime for end users. On the contrary, HD NET Limited allocates specific bandwidth to each customer to ensure consistent high performance.

HD NET Limited has made every effort to ensure the highest level of security, including safety nets, reinforced door frames, 24x7x365 video surveillance, alarms and remote monitoring of broken glass, proximity card access and personnel control. The capacity maintained by its network is more than twice the capacity used by customers, leaving enough space for periods of high usage. Do you have a complex IT infrastructure? Their enthusiastic and experienced staff take pride in designing innovative, high-performance solutions to make your life easier.


How do I pay the bill?
You need to pay Voyager Internet Limited, the ASB number is 12-3221-0092790-00. Please be sure to provide your 8-digit Voyager customer account number for reference. Invoice or other optional reference. If you need help, please contact them.

What is my billing cycle?
Most customers will be in a billing cycle from the 1st of each month to the last month, but you may be in a billing cycle that coincides with any day of the calendar month.

When will I receive my first invoice?
Your first invoice will be sent based on the beginning of the first full month, p. For example, if you connect on June 15th, you will receive your first invoice in early July.

How can I change my payment method?
Please contact your credit service department to change the payment plan.

Can I make a one-time payment based on the invoice from my bank account?
One-time payment can be made directly to your bank account 12-3221-0092790-00, use your account number as a reference.