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What happens when you travel to another country?
Fractures, sprains, bruises
food poisoning
call a doctor or an ambulance
Lost baggage
flight cancellation
Obligatory observation for 14 days
The agent is not allowed to enter the country at the border

Who is insure traveling insurance for?
receive a visa
Our insurance policy applies to obtaining a Schengen visa and any other country visa

quiet rest
The policy covers medical and transport costs. Suitable for lovers of light loads: running, swimming, fitness, caving

active rest
Offers “quiet breaks” covering mopeds, water parks, attractions, horseback riding and biking, surfing, jeep tours, snowboarding, downhill skiing on marked trails

extreme rest
Provide “active rest”. For lovers of extreme sports: freeriding, kite flying, rafting, platform jumping and extreme riding (road, mountain bike, motocross, cycle tracks, trial bikes)

For children and pregnant women
The EKTA policy is one of the best rates and coverage for this type of traveler

enter another country
The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rules for transit travel in most countries around the world. To enter the country, you need insurance that covers COVID treatment.

Insurance policies for every occasion
Select the country of travel, type of rest, policy validity period, insured amount and additional insurance, and the policy will be emailed to you within 5 minutes

Insurance covered by COVID
ECTA coverage includes 14 days of observing in another country with accommodation up to $70/day. COVID test, medical or hospital treatment

Why choose EKTA Insurance?
work around the world
24/7 customer support
There are no hidden clauses in the contract
Get your insurance policy online
Insurance covers COVID -19
10 years of experience in the insurance industry
more than 150 employees
No hidden restrictions on medical services