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About Italia Rail

Travel by train in Italy with a complete guide to Italy. Your journey begins in Venice. From there, visit Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Pompeii and Sorrento in Amalfi. Take the train to various destinations. Each ticket is first-class, and luggage delivery service is provided, allowing you to bring your luggage to and from each hotel. Stay in a four-star hotel in the city center every night. The package includes a series of activities and dining experiences to highlight the best experience that Italy can offer. You still have free time to explore each destination, and you can choose to add activities to your plan.

Italia Rail Q&A

What is ItaliaRail’s ordering policy?
In order to confirm your reservation, please use your credit card to make a full payment when booking the Italia Rail. Your reservation will be confirmed after payment is received. Coupons and other travel documents can only be issued by InterRail, LLC’s customer satisfaction agent after receiving full service payment. Customers and travel agencies are responsible for ensuring that the information contained in all travel documents is accurate and consistent with the reservation. The package price is based on 2 people.

What discounts does ItaliaRail offer?
Book your wedding trip on ItaliaRail and receive special discounts, up to specific discounts. Ask them about the special offer today for happy couples, weddings and other guests. Compared with the elegant coastline of Italy’s elegant cities, wine towns, ancient villages and jewel-like islands, it is more convenient to book wedding group trips on Italia Rail and trains. Sex will increase. You will also get many exclusive services.

What is ItaliaRail’s loyalty program?
ItaliaRail offers discounts for group rail trips in Italy, and a small deposit is paid in advance to reserve seats. Group travel, air tickets, hotels, car transfers and rentals, data planning, baggage handling and other savings. The door-to-door tour desk can accept reservations and special requirements for private villa rentals, private chefs, catering activities, and special romantic trips.

Do I need to book on ItaliaRail?
The ItaliaRail rail pass does not guarantee train seats. You can make reservations during your trip, but because the pass holder has a limited number of seats, it is difficult to reserve a seat on a particular train without making a reservation before departure. To reserve a seat only, go to the ticket search box, select a city, and select “seat only” to make a reservation. Additional charges apply for reservations of seats, sleepers, sofa beds and high-speed rail.

Does ItaliaRail have a sales department?
certainly. The Italia Rail are well organized. ItaliaRail has set up a special route for each special event, which brings a lot of convenience to our customers, so that they can clearly see the special part. Of course, other discounts on Italia Rail also apply to the products in this column.

Can I combine ItaliaRail coupons?
No, you are not allowed to stack coupons on Italia Rail. ItaliaRail promotional codes have their own usage rules and cannot be combined with ItaliaRail coupon rules.

Why doesn’t ItaliaRail coupons work?
The same coupon can only be used once on the same ItaliaRail. Before recording your purchase, you can check whether the same coupon has been used on Italia Rail.