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CALM (Creative Accelerated Learning Methods) aims to help you cope with life and its sometimes unusual ups and downs. shows you how to develop practical life skills to make your daily life more targeted and enjoyable.
With these skills, you will develop your inner strength-when you really need them, they will be in place… in any crisis. uses the latest science to provide you with powerful, easy-to-learn and lasting coping skills.
The CALM system is a system that provides technology to achieve the life changes you want. No pills, no drugs, no bad side effects, no test of willpower, no clumsy fools, just down to earth every day. These changes will continue. Calm Research Center teaches creative accelerated learning methods at Chi Seminars. From 1989 to 2009, more than 1,500 seminars have been held (now these seminars are on DVD, audio CD and workbooks), including meditation courses, life skills courses/seminars and student seminars. This seminar helps to improve your thinking skills, teaches stress management, and helps you understand your subconscious mind through time-tested physical and mental exercises and goal setting techniques.
There is no doubt that stress and anxiety can cause depression, insomnia, inattention, anger, cancer, fear, migraines, body pain, loss of self-esteem and concentration, and bad habits that lead to smoking and weight gain. Many of today’s challenges start with stress management. Stress and stress-related diseases have pushed many people to graves earlier than necessary. By “turning on” life coping skills, you can not only learn the important secrets of health and longevity, but also learn how to relax and release stress anytime, anywhere in less than 30 seconds.
No matter what wants to achieve in life or what to deal with, if consciously uses’s inner strength, can make itself easier. This is commonly referred to as the subconscious mind, and it accounts for 88% of the brain. This subconscious mind contains all the memories, habits, personalities and self-images of So you see, uses it because uses the memories of and the habits of, but doesn’t use it deliberately. Have you tried just using consciousness to change habits? This means you are really using willpower, which is difficult, isn’t it?
If deliberately uses the subconscious mind-it’s like clicking a switch in your head. Then it is easy to change the habit or form a new one. can use it to improve interpersonal relationships, help deal with grief, improve memory, enhance self-confidence, and so on.